Trump And Structures Of Power.

One of the things many people seem to misunderstand is that Trump’s failure to fill positions is not a mistake on his part. Its a deliberate action meant to concentrate more power to himself directly.

He is eliminating people who are not absolutely needed to keep his key supporters happy. As he carves that number down more and more he will begin to exhibit more and more authoritarian behavior. Combined with his recent comments about the constitution and a prediction of Trump wanting to enact a full coup within a year  its pretty clear Trump has an authoritarian agenda and is behaving as an autocrat.

You can clearly read his agenda from his behavior. Its not the flailing of an incompetent madman, but the deliberate culling of useless people from his circle of power.

These are the precursor activities to a dictatorship.

The people need to be able to stop him, and as i’ve said before the way to do that would be via mass public organized resistance via shutting down major highways and stopping the transportation of all goods across the nation.

Only by stopping the flow of money to the system can it be brought to heel. But we don’t have much more time to do it, it has to be done while we still have the civil liberties to do so, and soon we may not have them.  If you want to save democracy, that’s how you do it.

Some of the courts are blocking some of his measures, but other courts are supporting them. He will have plenty of time to find ways around the courts that rule against him. Its only a matter of time before he has a strong hold on the supreme court for example.

This fascist must be removed from office before that happens or it wont matter what we do after that trump will be able to take power for life.

Hes putting family in key positions, eliminating positions that arent absolutely required, ignoring regular traditions and pushing for an ethno-nationalist state. This blatant cronyism and profiteering is also seen in authoritarian regimes.

He praises other dictators as well as sides with them diplomatically.

America, we have a problem. We have actually had a problem for a long long time but a good portion of the population was completely clueless as to the nature of the threat brewing under their noses.

Fascism and white nationalism took to the internet and found sites like 4chan, 8chan, reddit and the like and spread their ideology using the sites reputations for allowing anything in the name of free speech. This allowed them to create a digital recruitment platform and swell their numbers using the sites lax moderation and gameable systems to spread their ideas.

This created an organized front of white nationalist propaganda and recruiting. Unlike hidden tor sites that are often difficult for the average person to get ahold of, reddit for example hails itself as “the front page of the internet” or something to that effect. It was websites that were easily accessible, popular, and full of human beings unaware of the fact they were participating in a gamed system.

We must somehow break the cycle of recruitment and organization of the new nazi threat.

We must also, via mass public organized resistance shut down all transportation to stop the flow of money in the country so that the government meets our demands.

Somehow, or we are all gonna have a bad time for a long time.


It Ain’t Treason, It’s Business. Or, Its All About the Oil Prices.

One of the pressing questions people have is about why Vladimir Putin would seek to interfere in the US’s presidential election, many people have attempted to answer this but have failed to see the cold reality in front of them. Here i will lay it bare and naked for you to see.


The first fact we have to look at is former President Obama’s actions against ISIS and Russia before the election.

The US tapped its strategic oil reserves and lowered the price of oil to affect the economies and stability of ISIS, Iran and Russia. These nations rely on high oil prices to fund their governments and their (in the case of ISIS) terrorist activities.

Russia’s economy relies heavily on oil.

Russia’s economy is also why they are an autocratic nation, wealth production is disconnected from citizen involvement, this causes a structural reinforcement for autocratic governments.

Donald Trump is very very very pro fossil fuels. Obama was pushing green energy, not just for the sake of our environment but as a shrewd political tool to cut the flow of funds to ISIS, Iran and Russia and forcing them in the long run to disband (in the case of ISIS) or democratize in the case of nation states.

This strategy was a threat to Putin’s long term power, and that is why he influenced our elections. So he could put a man in who would kill green energy, and drive up oil prices and ensuring Putin’s rule lasts even longer. HRC was likely to continue this Obama Legacy as was Sanders.

Its really all about Oil prices on the global market and international realpolitik. As much as i can criticize Obama for his foreign policy mistakes, this action was actually promoting global good. Reducing and eliminating our reliance on fossil fuels will destabilize autocratic nations all across the world, forcing them to democratize or face financial collapse and eventual revolution.

But now that Trump is in office his policies will make sure autocrats all around the world stay in business for much much longer. This isnt just about making Trump rich, its about fueling (literally) dictatorships and terrorists across the globe.

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Trump’s Fascist Medical Agenda Defeated

Following a collapse in support for the GOP’s Obamacare repeal   Paul Ryan pulled the bill that would have repealed it. In my view this shows that confronting your representatives in the way people have been doing is effective in forcing them to vote the way you wish. Or not vote as the case may be.

Trump and the legislative branch under republican control could not get done the one thing they all wanted to get done and campaigned on doing. This critical failure to execute political will sets the tone for future endeavors. It demonstrates that the republican party can be set against itself and cause agendas to fail.

This failure also keeps alive people who voted for him and would have been harmed by this bill, i bet you real money they don’t vote that way again. The republican party will be in disarray right now. This is a good time to press representatives even harder for expansion of the social safety net. They won’t want to do it, but its possible to make them because right now they are going to be disorganized.

Take advantage of their lack of direction and give them the direction you want. You have to sometimes vocally remind them that they work for you. Forcing their hand on social safety net issues will prevent them from destroying entire segments of the population. Do not forget, the goal of fascism is always genocide.

Stop them in this and you can stop them in other ways too. This event itself opens more avenues of resistance. As the bill dies remember the power you were able to draw together. Remember mass resistance works and can force the hands of the people in power.

Keep calling and writing and confronting your representatives. Keep forcing them to do what you want. Keep forcing them to not do what you don’t want either. When the 2018 election comes around, run for or support candidates who are progressive, that challenge collaborator representatives and senators, oust Trump cronies and politicians who helped Trump in any way.

Sweep the Senate and House and you can block Trump forever. Better yet you will have the numbers to start going after him for those emoluments clause violations…Remember though that once you get new people elected you still have to stay on their asses. This is a democracy so participate! Push them to do more progressive things that benefit everyone. Politicians will do what you want, as long as you make sure they follow through that is…

So in conclusion if you push the current group into not doing evil things, and replace them with people who you can push to do good things you can regain some measure of control of the system.

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Fascism in the US, how and why? Advice.

Fascist and authoritarian systems rely on having, at the end of the day as few people as possible to please and stay in power. This is often why you see authoritarian systems get rid of massive chunks of the state apparatus at once. They dont need it, it doesnt serve them.  As Trump’s regime tries harder to gain more power they will continue to try to dismantle as many state agencies and programs as possible. This frees up resources for projects that benefit Trump and his main supporters.

This is why hes trying to cut funding to the parks and whats left of the social safety net, and why people have been eroding it for years. One of the more fascinating facts is that this sort of slow moving right wing coup was aided, at time by democrats and the democratic party. But now that its noticeable fascism to the public these things will move a lot faster.


For fascism to take root in a country it needs to have two things. A xenophobic streak and an economic crisis. Xenophobia and racism is pretty common in the US, in fact it was built to be racist and only a few select instances of legal equality were fused onto it. So that leaves economic crisis. When the economy goes tits up for the average person in such a naturally xenophobic and racist country it becomes easy to blame matereal problems on people who don’t fit into a certain groups range of acceptable already.

Now something most people don’t understand, the biggest factor in aiding the rise of fascism in the US was automation. 88% Of the jobs lost since 2000 were due to automation. 88%. Let that sink in. Some were lost due to trade, but most was due to robots. Your bosses decided to automate you out of a job and kept the difference. US production is at an all time high, but production jobs are at a low.

The means of production is largely being automated away, and under the control and ownership of a powerful few who slowly gain more and more power. Such a system i think you can agree is frightening in its implications. Over more time without any intervention such a system will result in power being in the hands of such a small group of people with unchallenged power that it would be difficult to overthrow or challenge, peacefully or not.

Automation is what allows the government to make money in a way not tied to the productivity of its people. When a government can separate wealth production from its own people it will lose incentive to care about those people. If you revolt they can still produce and make more than enough to keep key people loyal.  Trump and his administration are a symptom of a deeper socioeconomic rot. An inevitable end result of the separation of wealth from citizen involvement and the erosion of the social safety net.

It also logically follows that denying him these cuts, forcing his hand on keeping the system running prevents him from melting down the engine of the state to be sold for scrap. But this is just a slow game where even if he wins only part of the time he wins in the long run. A defensive tactic will not suffice.  Only by forcing him and his key supporters out of power will we force the system back into the peoples control.

But how you might ask, would you do that? If the system can largely produce without you, how do you stop it? That’s simple but not easy. You don’t stop the production, you stop the distribution. Block the roads in a planned event that brings all distribution to a halt.  Organize an event, something on the order of size of the women’s march, but for the sole purpose of stopping all the roads at key points. By grinding distribution to a halt you stop the flow of money to the system, and for it to function at all it must accede to the blockade.

This would have to be well organized and it would have to be done by a very large number of people.  It would not be easy, but if you did it. If you blocked all transportation you would grind the economy to a halt. Your people at each point would have to be large in number and willing to not move no matter what.

Once such control is achieved we must change how our system even works to prevent this from happening again.

First the election districts need to be redrawn in a way that’s not gerrymandered. Second the voting system needs to be changed to something called single transferable vote. Third, voter reenfranchizment must happen. Voter ID laws have to be demolished and everyone, felon or not should have the right to vote. Force them to institute universal income and medicare for all using the profits of those automated systems.  This forces the power back into the hands of the people and away from the current systems of power.

All of those demands have to be met, along with the resignation of Trump and his people as well as any representatives who supported him before the blockade will be lifted. Oh and after the personal economies of the average person are stabilized try working on that whole racism thing, seriously. Do it because its right, and do it because you know what happens if you don’t. One bad stock market crash away from everything going tits up and fascists getting power again.

So fix both sides of it or ill be teaching your grandkids how to fight nazis. And i don’t wanna.

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Allison Woolbert Exposed Part One

In a continuation of this notice here:


*This article is a cooperative series between writers Laurelai Bailey and Emmagene Cronin. Other activists have helped conduct the investigative activities involved in this article, but have chosen to remain anonymous because of fear from retaliation.*

Recently, serious allegations of violent crime have been brought to the attention of the writers about a specific member within the trans community. Evidence has been presented that amplifies many of the concerns that have been raised about this individual, their activities, ethics, and intention for services and systems that are vital to the trans community and its understanding of violence perpetrated against it.


This series of articles is a chronological timeline that shows, in great detail, that Ms. Allison Woolbert has: consistently engaged in violent and abusive activity targeting the transgender community, serious ethical violations, a complete lack of transparency in the organization she runs, a near complete departure from any sort of professional conduct, ruthless use of machiavellian tactics to cover up her misdeeds, outright lies and deceit, and worst of all, the Aggravated Sexual Assault in the first degree of a minor relative. After careful examination of all of the information that has come to light throughout this thorough investigation, we, the writes of these articles, and the undersigned members of the community are demanding the immediate dismissal of Allison Woolbert from TVTP and THRI, and any additional activities as a social activist. This type of individual no longer has a place to hide within our community.


As we all know anyone regardless of race, gender, creed, national origin etc…, a person is capable of physical or sexual violence. The fact that sometimes a violent person happens to be transgender is a statistical inevitability. What is shocking about this case, however, was how easily this particular predator insinuated herself into the community and concealed this past, as they charged others with perpetrating similar violent acts.

Under no circumstance is a violent crime ever acceptable, and under no circumstance it it acceptable to conceal that past, especially when involved in services directly dealing with victimized individuals. What follows is explanation of the process of discovery and a community response to previous allegations that have been made against Allison Woolbert, and this recent discovery of a past of sexual violence, which prompted this response. We are not in the business of presenting unsubstantiated information. All information presented herein are factually accurate and have been checked against public records and all available information about additional allegations about Ms. Woolbert are publicly available. We encourage everyone to do their own research and parse through fact and fiction and come to their own conclusions. We hope that what is presented in this series of articles enable the transgender community, and its allies, to do so.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant and that sunlight is being shown upon Alison Woolbert.

Allison Woolbert was a founding member of the Trans Violence Tracking Portal (TVTP), several other projects in relation to the trans community, in addition to some smaller efforts within the bisexual community. Questions about Ms. Woolbert’s intentions and activities first began to surface several months ago when she added journalist, and trans activist, Parker Molloy to the TVTP tracking list from what was apparently an interpersonal conflict with another trans woman. The writers of this article, and the undersigned in its final segment,  do not condone the actions that led to Parker Malloy being added to the tracker. However, Ms. Woolbert did so with knowledge of suicidal ideation of both the individuals involved. For an individual advocating for strong suicide prevention within the trans community, this is a direct conflict with that advocacy and presents serious ethical issues at the very least.

Additional allegations began to surface about the TVTP and the smaller organizations that were being assembled under it. Statistics relevant to a very significant aspect of violence perpetrated against transgender people – race-  was being excluded from the reporting. Individuals within the transgender community began to raise concerns that trans women of color, particularly black trans women, who are the most victimized group within the LGBTQ community were being erased from these statistics. Violent acts do not exist in a vacuum and intersectional aspects of identity, such as race, to  often play a role in the violence perpetrated against transgender people. To exclude these statistics is a failure to the trans community, in the apparent spirit of solidarity, and does not provide light on some of the most susceptible minorities within the  community.

Further, when presented with this significant oversight, instead of acknowledge and remedying the deficiency, Ms. Woolbert began what appeared to be a campaign to threaten and add vocal members of the trans community, that were raising this concern, to the tracking list of violence being perpetrated against the community. these individuals were added to the tracking portal as well as the facebook page doing the same. For those that are unaware, this is what is known as doxxing – the revealing of individuals personal information  harass and intimidate them. to Under no circumstance is it acceptable, responsible, or ethical behavior to silence the voices of people of color, or any other oppressed class of individuals to create an appearance of homogeneity or solidarity. At the very least, an acknowledgment of statistical limitations of reporting race, or other aspects such as different ability, should have been a reasonable outcome, which was not the case, and still has not been rectified. Instead, Ms Woolbert used violence, by her own definition of what constitutes such, to harass, intimidate, and silence dissenting views. This is unacceptable behavior for any person to be undertaking at an institutional level, especially when it is the result of a personal dislike of what people are doing, and in every case thus far, have a right to do. You cannot advocate non-vilolence, yet go to such great lengths to do just that.

In addition to this denial of a central aspect of violence perpetrated against the transgender community, Ms. Woolbert began making threatening public statements to again silence voices raising concern about the erasure of trans women of color at a flag raising ceremony for the Transgender day of Remembrance (TDoR) in Toronto, Canada. Concern was also raised by many members of the trans community – many themselves being trans women of color –  at this event, of the privileging of cis individuals in taking part, as well as organizing the remembrance ceremony.  Attention was shown on the fact that during the event, it was planned that no names of trans people who’s lives were lost in the previous year would be read, which is a central part of TDoR Ceremonies and the specific reason for the event, as well as casting aside trans women of color who largely make up the names we read each year, from speaking.


Further, the flag itself was an issue with the trans community. What was planned to be raised, and eventually was, is a flag of a local Toronto trans organization and not the actual transgender flag, nor did it resemble the actual transgender flag.  These were all significant issue that garnered enough attention within the community to prompt a letter response, and protest about the activity, which Ms. Wolbert also characterized as an act of violence, culminating in the doxxing of trans people, and allies, for no more than a dissenting opinion and openly protesting these erasures and grievances. These threats and actions to silence much needed conversation and activity, whether she agreed with it or not, and the actions she threatened and did take, present a significant conflict of interest in her misuse, and abuse, of institutional power relative to the TVTP and is characteristic of the behavior of individuals that seek to have power over others. This, by the very definitions that TVTP and Allison Woolbert have used, is violence.

Under no circumstance is it acceptable behavior to bully, harass, intimidate, silence, or doxx  members of the trans community and its allies for expressing outrage, especially when that outrage seems  justified. It is not up to a sole individual to decide what the actions of others should be and how those actions should be expressed. These are a series of  extremely manipulative and abusive  action by Ms. Woolbert to silence individuals in an apparent attempt to gain power over their voices and the conversation. All opinions are valid, and none should be silenced. This, on its own, is behavior that rises to the level of negligence within an organization in its brazen disregard, by Woolbert, of the very things it claims to be working for.

While most of these events were going on, Ms. Woolbert was also pressuring other member of the TVTP team, some through direct threats that they now refuse to publicly speak about, to remove any material they were reporting through independent individual or group social media that was completely unaffiliated with TVTP or its emerging sub-organizations, under fear of being removed from the project, or other coercion in the form of possible benefits to members. This has been confirmed by several member that have had involvement with the project at various points since it began. In addition this raises significant questions about the institutional practices not only Ms. Woolbert, but also TVTP in it entirety. We implore others to seeks out a governing set of bylaws, rules of conduct, or any relative document from TVTP that would support this. the Authors of this series of articles have spent a great deal of time trying to find any governing document that would support this behavior, but to the best of our knowledge and long investigation, none exist. Additionally, the use of coercion or bribery for material benefit, in most jurisdictions is a criminal offense that carries significant penalties.

A short time later Ms. Woolbert released an internal memorandum to individuals involved with TVTP, as well as her close friends. It details an extremely biased an authoritarian stance that was to be taken by  Ms. Woolbert in what she saw as an appropriate response to any dissenting opinions. This is characteristic of individuals that seek to gain, and hold, power over others, and is the same type of behavior that is motivation for for many sexual assaults and rape of any character. If we are to judge the rules by its contents, any voice that speaks out, according to Ms. Woolbert, is one that is violent and one that will be silenced. It is important to note that the working definition of Violence, from Ms. Woolbert, is anyone who speaks as a dissenting voice to what she say. Both of the authors of this investigation, and every person involved with it, would be considered violent and would be subsequently blacklisted, and most likely doxxed, for simply speaking against Ms. Woolbert. What follows is a screenshot of these specific “rules” for her authoritarian and machiavellian silencing.

Another aspect of our investigation has uncovered that Ms Woolbert  has also lied about her qualifications and background,  in her removed – as of today – website,  Phoneix Consulting Group,  she states that “In 1995, after working for many large and small firms, Allison began Phoenix Consultants Group that provides specialized custom software applications.” However this is clearly untrue.  In 1992 Woolbert was sentenced to 6 years in prison, and in 1995 she was *still there*.  According to the internet archive her company only came into existence in 1999.  The domain registration dates it to december 31st, 1997. Further research proved that her company was incorporated on january first 1997, it seems unusual to add two years to her experience in running this company, especially when during some of that time Ms. Woolbert was clearly still in prison for the sex crime she committed in 1991.

It seems as though Woolbert’s life has been fabricated on an apparent series of lies and manipulation of information. Many of her claims are dubious at best and at worst obvious lies once investigated, as has been shown here. It seems as though Ms. Woolbert has, thus far, been apparently undertaking a campaign to  achieve some relative status within the community where she is capable of making profound decisions and seems quite willing to falsify information, and cause harms to other individuals in order to do so.   


Her address, 9 Orchard Circle is not owned by her, its owned by one Irving Crespi, who according to Google is deceased, and the property is in the care of one Robert Crespi.



The interesting thing about Irving is his career was in researching the  manipulation of  public opinion.

This is apparently Ms. Woolbert has been doing from the beginning.  How did she come to live there and why is she living in a dead mans house, whose career was built on researching ways to change public views? One must question the manner in which Ms. Woolbert came into the trans community and rose to such a prominent position without anyone having any direct knowledge of who she was, or is now, or what her true motives were.  She appears to be a master manipulator with connections to high places.  According to an anonymous source (we are protecting their identity for their safety) who was friends with Allison,  stated that she rented this house very cheaply from Mr. Crespi because they were friends of her family.  One wonders how much “help” these friends of the family have given her.


For those that might doubt this is the same Irving we have verified that this house belonged to the same Irving Crespi who wrote that paper.

The Chicago tribune has an Obituary for him having his date of death march 18 2004.


A lookup of  Irving Crespi in public records shows he lived at 9 orchard circle with the same year and month of death, as well as the same age.

And then the worst part of this investigation, thus far,  came to light.

Ms Allison Woolbert  is a convicted child rapist. How the law defined this act, in 1991, was as a penetrative act, unlike classifications of aggravated sexual assault today. Worse yet is that because her conviction predates 1994, she was not required to register on New Jersey’s Sex Offender Registry database, making it more difficult for anyone to discover this information unless conducting a criminal record check. In fact, Nametheproblem, a TERF website keen on smearing trans women, consistently writing about what they claim are violent trans women, also passed over this conviction. Now stop and read that one more time.


Questions have since been raised, if Nametheproblem could have been aware of this conviction for some time, and if this conviction was hidden for possible future use, which would be a significant disservice to all people, no matter who they are.  Once the group conducting this investigation – the authors of this article – began to look, it took under 5 minutes to have a complete record of this information. This further lends to the possibly that this information was already in the hands of individuals running, and associated with, Nametheproblem. One must question, if the information was not being held for alternative reasons, how it could have been missed. With little work we found an actual predator, which is extremely odd as they have devoted significant time to looking for things just like this. Is this gross incompetence or a possible situation of blackmail?

Allison Woolbert has a conviction for 1 count of Aggravated Sexual Assault in the 1st degree in New Jersey against a minor under the age of 16 who is also a relative. As a bit of background on what that charge specifically means, the law in question,  2c:14-2a,  reads as follows:

Aggravated Sexual Assault is codified under N.J.S.A. 2C:14-2a, which provides:

  1. An actor is guilty of aggravated sexual assault if he commits an act of sexual penetration with another person under any one of the following circumstances:
    1. The victim is less than 13 years old;
    2. The victim is at least 13 but less than 16 years old and
      1. The actor is related to the victim by blood or affinity to the third degree; or
      2. The actor has supervisory or disciplinary power over the victim by virtue of the actor’s legal, professional, or occupational status; or
      3. The actor is a resource family parent, a guardian, or stands in loco parentis within the household;
    3. The act is committed during the commission, or attempted commission, whether alone or with one or more other persons, of robbery, kidnapping, homicide, aggravated assault on another, burglary, arson or criminal escape;
    4. The actor is armed with a weapon or any object fashioned in such a manner as to lead the victim to reasonably believe it to be a weapon and threatens by word or gesture to use the weapon or object;
    5. The actor is aided or abetted by one or more other persons and the actor uses physical force or coercion;
    6. The actor uses physical force or coercion and severe personal injury is sustained by the victim;
    7. The victim is one whom the actor knew or should have known was physically helpless, mentally defective or mentally incapacitated.

We aquired public court records of the case. At this point, we would like to warn readers about deadnaming of Ms. Woolbert here. This is an extremely unfortunate situation. Even though it is absolutely necessary to detail her heinous crime, there is no way to do so without using her deadname. However, this does not mean that this information, or Ms. Woolberts identity, are any less valid. We, the writers as well as the undersigned, ask you to not use her deadname and still refer to her as Allison Woolbert.















As you can see from the public records the rape in question happened to a minor and Ms. Woolbert was sentenced to six years in prison for this crime, it is yet unclear if Ms. Woolbert was in a capacity to care for this relative child, who is now an adult, but it is clear that this child was directly related to her, as designated by the “rel” in the above screenshots.

Upon learning of this information, members of the trans community, prompted by the authors of this article, apparently asked Ms. Wolbert directly about the information uncovered through this investigation. This is the point when Allison Woolbert seems to have panicked about what was uncovered and began to engage in further lies and manipulation of the information in an attempt to control its release and grossly misrepresent the nature of her crime, when this investigation began, and how it would proceed.


On January 7th, one day after this investigation was initiated, Ms. Woolbert drafted and published a release detailing  information about her crime. However, this release, on its own, is full of significant misinformation. When the release was first made, Ms. Woolbert dated it two days prior to when the information was actually presented to her, as you can see from the following screenshot.



As has already been mentioned, this release was made on January 7th, and not on January 5th. The writers of this article believe that this was a further attempt by Ms. Woolbert, to conceal information and represent what was know about it, when it was known, who knew it, and the purpose of finding the information. There are very few know organizations that do not have an auto-date feature built into their software, which lends to the fact that this was intentionally manipulated.


This apparent backdating of when this article was released is believed to be significant. Upon publication of this information, It took only a few hours, at most, for Trans-exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) to find it. So, had Ms. Woolbert actually published the release when she had initially claimed (it has since been changed to the actual date), TERFs would have immediately found this information. This act of deception, coercion, and manipulation of individuals and information is only  an addition to the long, well established, history of Ms Woolbert. It is also interesting to note that this investigation was initiated because of allegations of fraud, deception and abuse. It is notable that none of the individuals involved in this investigation, nor the authors of it put what was, and still is, an ongoing investigation into Ms. Woolbert’s activities in the public sphere. Once it was brought to the attention of Ms Woolbert, she began an immediate campaign to create a narrative where she has painted herself as a victim, but also smear the writers, and by extension publisher, of a story that did not yet exist.


It is reasonable for one to believe or assume that the explanation given by Ms. Woolbert (contained in the first screencap below) is also misleading in an attempt to manipulate the situation. Also, the research into her background wasn’t done until the 6th, as evidenced in the second screencap.







Additionally, Ms. Woolbert’s statements  go a significant distance in downplaying her actual crime by using language that disguises the nature of it, is less than critical of her actions, and diverts attention from additional issues that have been raised or fails to address them at all. The way people use language can tell a lot about what is being said, it can reveal intent, display micro- and macro aggressions, as well as develop specific narratives, all of which are present in this release. Ms. Woolbert stated this about the crime.



This is a mischaracterization of the nature of the crime in what seems an apparent attempt to sway public opinion about what her crime was by failing to name what she has done, in addition to using soft language to describe such. It was not just an “unconscionable behavior as a human being”, this was the violation of another human being body through sexual penetration, which constitutes rape. It is the ultimate form of intimidation and control of another human being. This failure to name what she did is extremely manipulative and demonstrative of what appears to be an inability to own her past and what she has done. Remember, that soon after TVTP was started, Ms. Woolbert had absolutely no problem permanently marking Parker Malloy for words, despite the nature of them. However, when the situation involves Ms. Woolbert, the goalpost move quickly and misdeeds must be forgiven. How can an organization that is headed by an individual that conceals their past and only reveals that when other find out about it,  goes to lengths to whitewash that past, and also crucifies others for words,  but expects different accountability for their own actions have any legitimacy? At every turn Allison Woolbert has made the wrong decision, and this emphasizes such. How can an organization headed by this person be viewed with any legitimacy in light of this crime, or any of the other significant issues raised?


This need for power and control is also evidenced in the statement itself – in its very first paragraph.


Notice the apparent attempt to control the information. It would be appropriate for one to believe that given this need to control and manipulate things, having a narrative coming directly from her allows her to direct as much attention as possible, given the circumstances of her crime, elsewhere. This is characteristic of the behavior that seems to be consistent throughout everything detailed thus far about Allison Woolbert.


This is not the end of what need to be looked at in Ms. Woolbert’s release. She also had this to say:



While it may be true that Ms. Woolbert has made earnest efforts to avoid and additional harm to her victim, a family member, it also seems likely that Ms. Woolbert has avoided any sort of disclosure about this past because of the negative effects it would have on herself. This crime, in the context of the work Ms. Woolbert has undertaken, presents an extreme ethical problem and a conflict of interest when that crime is not disclosed, in any manner.


Every person deserves a benefit of the doubt in situations of past histories. People do things that are terrible, but these things can be recovered from if people acknowledge and learn from what they have done, moving forward in their lives. However, when an individual places themselves in a position where they work with victims of any sort of abuse, it is unacceptable to do so without disclosing that previous history. Not doing so presents a situation in which that person tries to hide that past, would be an ethical violations by the standards of most organizations, and grounds for immediate dismissal. In addition, the exposure of that past can be, understandably, extremely traumatizing to an individual subject to similar abuse, especially when it is in context of a community that is already victimized by abusers. Until the point when this investigation began, and allegations were brought to Ms. Woolberts attention, there was no disclosure of that information made. It is entirely reasonable to believe that had this investigation not been conducted into Ms. Woolbert’s past, she may have never disclosed this horrible past as a sex offender who violated a child, continuing to promote herself as something she is not – A rapist.


The final section of Woolbert’s  statement reinforces much of the manipulation and misdirection outlined in these words.



It seems reasonable on the surface that Woolbert it making a genuine attempt to rectify the concealment of her violent criminal past; it looks as if it is a way to make whole the various ethical issues that her lack of disclosure has created, however, this could be farther from the truth. The “Board of Trustees” that Woolbert mentions is a hand-picked, close group of her friends. At best, this is only a disingenuous attempt to do the right thing. It is however more likely that this hand picked group of friend that directly benefits from a relationship with Ms. Woolbert would produce little more than a shell game where Woolbert feigns regret, is “removed” from her position to maintain any legitimacy, but remains in-charge. It is also likely that this hand picked group of friends do nothing and claim that this willingness to disclose (remember, this was concealed until the moment Woolbert knew it was going to come out) her history as a rapist showed her reform and suitability for the position.


As mentioned  earlier, this investigation began on January 6th. It has been an in progress article since the moment that Ms. Woolbert’s past came into the light of day. Until that point, as has already been mentioned, Ms. Wolbert made absolutely no attempt to disclose this information and presumably never would have, had it not been discovered by the writers of this article and those assisting with the investigation.


Stay tuned for the continuation of this multi-part series


REPOST: hbgary wanted to suppress stuxnet research

This is a repost for historical purposes as the original site is gone.
Cheryl D Peace was at the time an employee at the NSA.
It is no secret that in recent days, Anonymous Operatives have released a cache of HBGary Federal internal emails to the public. Crowdleaks has discovered that within these communications, Aaron Barr received a copy of Stuxnet (a computer worm that targets the types of industrial control systems (ICS) that are commonly used in infrastructure supporting facilities) from McAfee on July 28, 2010.
HBGary wanted to suppress Stuxnet research

In an effort to confirm this was in fact Stuxnet, Crowdleaks has decompiled some of the source code, which can be found here.

Throughout the following emails it is revealed that HBGary Federal may have been planning to use Stuxnet for their own purposes.

Throughout the following emails it is revealed that HBGary Federal may have been planning to useStuxnet for their own purposes.

In a message sent to all email account holders at, Charles Copeland (Lead Support Engineer at HBGary, Inc.) writes:
from: Charles Copeland
date: Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 9:54 PM
subject: Stuxnet Worm Mailing List
Filter messages from this mailing list.
hide details 9/25/10
Computerworld – Officials in Iran have confirmed that the Stuxnet worm infected at least
30,000 Windows PCs in the country, multiple Iranian news services reported on Saturday.
I’ve already got a email asking about stuxnet, this came out late Friday. Does anyone have a dropper I have been unable to find it.
In another email sent directly to Aaron Barr, David D. Merritt writes:
from: David D. Merritt
to: Aaron Barr
date: Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 9:35 PM
subject: Re: Hunter Killer Insanity
hide details 10/3/10
contacts over at TSA say that everybody has a copy…combine that with US CERTs vulnerability status and their own systems not meeting the spec….
i’m seeing TSA becoming a malware testbed…
Aaron Barr responds:
On Oct 3, 2010, at 10:13 PM, Aaron Barr wrote:
> Dave,
> We haven’t but I would be interested to talk to you some about the tie. I do have a decent amount of information on Stuxnet and would be interested to hear about the tie. Some of what I know about Stuxnet might be of interest. I think it would be best to discuss in a more closed space though.
> In doing a little research:
> While this guy can be a bit of a crackpot at times his post has more validity than fiction. Greg and I have brainstormed a bit in the past on how to conduct such an attack that would be very difficult to detect. Autonomous, single purpose malware with no C&C. As we have said the battle is on the edges either source of destination, everything else is or will become somewhat irrelevant or diminished in value.
> Aaron Barr
> HBGary Federal, LLC
> 719.510.8478
In another message sent to all email account holders at by
Greg Hoglund,
 it’s made clear that HBGary wanted to hide their work onStuxnet.
from: Greg Hoglund
date: Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 10:26 PM
subject: stuxnet mailing list
Filter messages from this mailing
hide details 9/26/10
HBGary has no official position on Stuxnet. Please do not comment to the press on Stuxnet. We know nothing about Stuxnet.
-Greg Hoglund
CEO, HBGary, Inc.
In the most chilling strand of emails, we find that whatever HBGary was working on, it was in conjunction with the NSA.
Aaron Barr writes:
Hi Cheryl,
Sent from my iPad
Aaron Barr writes:
> From: Aaron Barr
> To: Peace, Cheryl D
> Sent: Mon Aug 09 13:54:23 2010
> Subject: Re: Number
> Hi Cheryl,
> It does. I haven’t met him personally. Our sister company does work
> in a few different pockets on the bldg. And i am on the extended NANA
> team. I recently joined to stand up HBGary federal, a related but
> separate company. We manage all the work that requires clearances.
> We exchange some technologies, but we have some separate developments
> as well. Mostly around threat intelligence and CNO/social media.
> I think there are some enabling tech to your mission but really need
> that qualified.
> Interested to run some of the stuxnet stuff by u as well.
> Aaron
> Sent from my iPhone
Cheryl Peace writes:
On Aug 9, 2010, at 9:27 AM, “Peace, Cheryl D” wrote:
>> Aaron
>> Did a little checking and we already do busy with you guys. Does the name
>> Tony Seager ring a bell?
Aaron Barr writes:
>> —–Original Message—–
>> From: Aaron Barr []
>> Sent: Friday, August 06, 2010 10:56 AM
>> To: Peace, Cheryl D
>> Subject: Re: Number
>> OK. If interested do you have some time to get together when you get back?
>> either next Friday or early the following week?
>> Aaron
Cheryl Peace writes:
>> On Aug 6, 2010, at 10:44 AM, Peace, Cheryl D wrote:
>>> I am in Europe till mid next week
Aaron Barr writes:
>>> —–Original Message—–
>>> From: Aaron Barr []
>>> Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2010 10:57 PM
>>> To: Peace, Cheryl D
>>> Subject: Re: Number
>>> Hi Cheryl,
>>> Can I schedule an appointment with you to come by and chat for a few
>>> minutes?
>>> Aaron
Cheryl Peace writes:
>>> On Jul 30, 2010, at 10:41 PM, Peace, Cheryl D wrote:
>>>> I am at Rao at the bar if you want to come by for a few. Meeting friends
>>> for a cocktail in a few
>>>> ————————–
>>>> Sent using BlackBerry
Arron Barr writes:
>>>> —– Original Message —–
>>>> From: Aaron Barr
>>>> To: Peace, Cheryl D
>>>> Sent: Fri Jul 30 20:02:44 2010
>>>> Subject: Number
>>>> Cheryl,
>>>> Sorry to bother you but do you have a minute to talk. I don’t have
>>>> your number handy. It will only take moment, but I have some
>>>> information for you.
>>>> Aaron Barr
>>>> CEO
>>>> HBGary Federal
>>>> 7195108478
In a related internal email sent to Rich Cummings (CTO of HBGary, Inc.)Greg Hoglund writes:
from: Greg Hoglund
to: Rich Cummings
date: Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 9:30 PM
subject: Govt dropper in this word DOC, zipped up for
hide details 11/16/09
Phil, Rich,
I got this word doc linked off a dangler site for Al Qaeda peeps. I think it has a US govvy payload buried inside. Would be neat to REcon it and see what it’s about. DONT open it unless in a VM obviously. password is meatflower. Remove the .txt extension too. DONT let it FONE HOME unless you want black suits landing on your front acre. 🙂
-Greg had a software engineer (whose name has been withheld) look at the Stuxnet binaries inside of a debugger and offer some insight on the worm. She informed us that most of the worms’ sources were using code similar to what is already publically available. She noted that the only remarkable thing about it was the 4 windows 0 days and the stolen certificates.
She says:
“A hacker did not write this, it appears to be something that would be produced by a team using a process, all of the components were created using code similar to what is already publically available. That is to say it’s ‘unremarkable’. This was created by a software development team and while the coders were professional level I am really not impressed with the end product, it looks like a picture a child painted with finger paints.”
When asked what type of organization likely wrote it, she stated:

“Probably a corporation by request of a government, it was clearly tested and put together by pro’s. It really looks like outsourced work.”  – See more at:

4chan plans genocide against transgender women


4chans sub board known as /pol/ (a well known ultra right reactionary sub board) has publicly and outright stated plans to drive transgender people (particularly trans women) to suicide and stated we should be “rounded up and slaughtered like cattle”.

They have also made indications they aim to align with trans exclusionary radical feminists.

I call upon all of you to send emails to 4chans owner and operator Christopher Poole (aka moot) to shut down the sub board /pol/ and deny this hate group a platform.

Email template for those who need one.

Dear Mr. Poole.

We as members of the transgender community implore you to shut down the 4chan board known as /pol/

As enclosed in this screen shot you can see they are using your platform to plan genocide against transgender people, who already have a very high rate of suicide attempts. They plan to incite vulnerable transgender people to end their lives, and have outright stated and end goal to see us “rounded up and slaughtered like cattle”. They are using your platform to organize lethal attacks against our vulnerable community.

In light of the incident of David Kalac we take these threats very seriously.

We know you don’t wish the extermination of transgender people and ask you to demonstrate this by denying this hate group a platform.

Signed [your name]

I implore each and every one of you to send an email, share this post, write your own articles and contact your allies to aid in this. I don’t care what kind of differences we have with each other, this is a threat to all of our lives and we must be united in fighting it. Set aside your differences for now, I will do the same.

Make no mistake this will cause backlash, even of the board shuts down, they will likely migrate somewhere else to organize, this is a war. This will be a long fight and they will not give up easily. But the alternative is allowing them to end our lives and the lives of our trans siblings.

This is only the start, we must set aside our arguments for our common survival. They have declared war on each and every single one of us.

Together we can survive.

Together we can thrive.

Together we can stop them.

Advice to young trans women.

Having been out as a trans woman for some time I would like to impart a degree of advice to you younger trans women finding your paths in the world today.

First of all I would like to commend you for going through what is obviously a difficult path of transition at such a young age, for many of us this was not an option and even today transition at a young age often comes at a heavy price.

I would give you the following advice.

1. Never allow cis people to silence you about your oppression. Cis men and women benefit from the oppression of trans women and transfeminine people. Pushing back against this is critical. Oppression must always be resisted and your survival is always an act of resistance. You dont have to go to protests or be part of activists groups, you just have to be yourself in public to challenge transmisogyny.

2. Your very exsitence is a challenge to the system that oppresses everyone, your survival and your thriving is a direct assault on the structures of oppression itself.

3. Trans men also benefit from the oppression of trans women and transfeminine people, they will attempt to derail discussions of transmisogyny by cloaking them in de-gendering terms such as “transphobia” “cissexism” and things like this. Make no mistake, the majority of anti trans hate is targeted to trans women, and especially trans women of color. Do not let *anyone* decenter the opppression of trans women and transfeminine people.

4. Anyone who is not oppressed by transmisogyny benefits from it. Do not trust anyone who gains by your loss, they will rarely act in your interests.

5.Non binary AMAB ( assigned male at birth) trans people also are targeted by transmisogyny you have more in common with them than you think, non binary AFAB (assigned female at birth) people are not.

6. Just about everyone has some kind of institutional power over you, however this does not mean you should give up. As i said before, survival *is* resistance.

7. Aid your fellow trans feminine person. Live by the motto an injury to one is an injury to all. My generation failed to do this at large. Learn from our mistakes. Solidarity is powerful.

8. Learn transgender history, learn about the awesome radical trans women of color who kickstarted the LGBT rights movement and how they were erased from history and why. The information is out there.

9. The police are not your friends. Repeat after me. The police are not your friends. A lot of violence against trans women and transfeminine people are either done by law enforcment or condoned by it.

10. If you feel someone is toxic to have in your life, cut them out of it. It doesnt matter who they are, dont tolerate abuse.

11. Its trans woman, not transwoman, not trans*woman. These things matter and are litmus tests for peoples understanding of trans issues.

12. Some people will abuse you simply because they can. Its senseless but its real.

13. Tumblr is not the final authority on social justice.

14. Dont trust cis feminism, they worked very hard to take away legal rights from you, and work to do so to this day. Even the ones who claim to be on your side likely are not.

15. Never do work for anyone who has institutional power over you for free. It doesnt matter what kind.

16. If you can find a trans woman of trans feminine person to hire for a service, hire them over anyone else first. If you can buy from a trans woman of trans feminine person buy from them first. Keep your money within our community as much as possible.

17. Offer discounts to trans women and trans feminine people.

18. Bad allies are worse than no allies. Dont let anyone tell you differently.

19. Learn the power of collective barganing.

20. A college education is nice to have, but it wont end your oppression. Trans women have more degrees per capita than cis people and yet we have the highest rates of unemployment.

21. Learn what respectability politics are and why its bad and wont work.

22. No marginalized group in the history of activism ever has gained their liberation by asking their oppressor nicely to stop oppressing them. Give them a reason to think twice about harming you. Give them consequences. Fight back.

23. Take care of yourself, this is probably the most important advice i can give you. Do whatever it takes to survive, but no more. Dont lose your moral center.

24. The majority of the social constructs in the world are oppressive in some way, seek to dismantle them and replace the functions they provide in non oppressive ways, you benefit from this.

In conclusion im going to quote a line from one of my favorite video games.

Make life take the lemons back.

A guest post written about Justine by another comrade who was in the group.

The following is written by the comrade who was in the hospital. It is unedited in any way and the pastebin Can be found here where they wrote it on




To start, I’m going to have to out myself. Otherwise, much of the story of my experiences with the person and group in question will not make much sense. I sacrifice some of my anonymity so that others will not suffer at the hands of these abusive capitalists who try so hard to convince you that they are anarchists. You see, the central figure of this group, one Justine Turney, known in some circles as “jart”, uses the red and black colors as a brand, and the tools of authoritarians to brutally and ham-fistedly suppress any whose eyes open to this fact. So, allow me to introduce myself briefly.

I suffer from tetragametic chimerism, imagine me as being a very well lined up conjoined twin. Two or more separate fertilizations grow in the same lump of cells, resulting in a kind of blend of the various results of those fertilizations through the resulting body. In my case in particular three fertilizations combined to form one body. My chromosome configurations are XX, XX, and XY. This has resulted in some interesting physical results, which are beyond the scope of my story with the capitalist authoritarians in disguise. The more applicable and relevant result is the fact the human body is an expanding fractal, physical variations between any two people being determined by a combination of variations in this fractal, and environmental factors, which different people respond differently to. With three separate populations, one of which does not expand along the same fractal type as the other two, things don’t line up perfectly. Multicolored irises are one result, but each ring, despite being in the same “weave”, is a different width and displays in layers. My arteries and veins have formed strangely, but function mostly. Primary and secondary sexual characteristics are in collision with each other, though again, the details of this I keep to myself. The relevant part is that with strangely aligned parts, and different populations responding to environmental factors differently, sometimes things go very wrong very quickly. The human heart, similar to a car’s engine must be timed right to beat properly. When it doesn’t beat properly, it starts complaining, sending signals to the brain stem that something is wrong, which manifests consciously as malaise, your body’s equivalent to the check engine light, itself a nonspecific “something’s wrong” indicator. This can become a feedback loop, where such signals further disrupt beat, and further disrupted beating results in more signals. It is sometimes the case where I have to get hooked up on tubes and machines to keep alive until everything settles back down.

I have leaned anarcho-syndicalist since midway through highschool, Communist through middle school, the realization of how silly the idea of a transitional State is, due to a State’s inherent self-interest in preservation. I had been excited for Occupy Wall Street, seeing an opportunity to bring the Arab Spring revolts home, and begin the process of destruction of the State, paving the way for the destruction of classed society. Horrified by the NYPD’s brutal repression of peaceful demonstrators, I came on September 27th and marched with, lending one more body to a larger crowd, hoping numbers would help avert NYPD aggression and State force. I was thrown to the ground at 12th and University, my phone stolen by a police officer, and thrown into a van for several hours. We were left in the sun, without water, hands ziptied behind our backs, hands blue, then a dark purple for hours. We had been charged with no crime, were denied any contact with the outside. Justine and friends had actually written about us, in an article about the van left in front of 1 Police Plaza for unhealthy amounts of time. We attempted to call 911 to report the medical issues, the blood and pepper spray washing over our faces, the dehydration, and were hung up on, later reprimanded by a cop. Far from discouraging me from participating further, this event as far as I was concerned solidified my beliefs. For a bit of background, I come from an upper middle class family, and had little contact with working class people directly. There had been some doubt in my mind, was I just a rebellious teenager who had simply never grown out of such silly beliefs? Getting locked and left to potentially die in the back of an NYPD van having been charged with no crime with media I had collected of police beatings stolen from me solidified this.

Do not believe I intend the above to brag. You see, I understand fully that many people on the Internet will discard firsthand accounts of events which show one person or group, or another in a negative light in their entirety as being without context or missing pieces of the story. The above is included simply to lay all the cards I can without outing others or “snitching” on anyone publicly down on the table. I began writing, and eventually gained a spot on the writing team through my fury at the State. Details will be sparse on the next parts, simply for the safety and security of uninvolved third parties.

We met in an IRC chat room, where process was theoretically engaged in, and decisions made regarding our path. Three people in particular, Justine (as jart), Sadie (as an unknown person never actually in chat who only really spoke with Justine), and ThePinkMask would rarely, if ever speak in chat, despite being major editors. They would simply post whatever they liked, but generally left the rest of us alone. It wasn’t a huge deal until suddenly an article I had written was simply being deleted repeatedly. We had reached consensus in chat to publish it, and had raised the issue several times over several days. I messaged a warning to the account (later revealed to be Sadie’s) that kept deleting the article that they were acting against consensus and that I would bring revocation of their ability to delete articles up for consensus if they persisted. This person responded that there was no consensus, and that consensus had been reached for deletion. Upon argument and investigation, during which my account on the website was disabled several times simply for questioning what was going on, it was later revealed that Justine had the mistaken idea that she had dictatorial power, but out of the goodness of her heart allowed consensus process to take place, but only in her physical personal apartment, a place where personal friends of hers had access to, and others had no idea even the geographic location of, with no concern given for global editors or affinity group members who either couldn’t, or wouldn’t physically travels to someone else’s apartment and reveal their face or identity in the context of a global team of editors. Except Sadie. Sadie gets a special exemption. Apparently Justine had decided to bring down the harmer physically in her apartment, and when challenged on this, deleted my account. Other editors rose to my defense, and with a problem against her power brewing within the affinity group, Justine agreed to concessions, where we attempted to use a mailing list for consensus.

Unsurprisingly, this later went out the window. Justine later revealed a plan of hers to divert donated funds, which had been donated to the occupation, once the occupation ended to herself and the editors. I approached the mailing list for consensus to cover the May Day activities, and obtained it overwhelmingly. I had run out of personal funds to travel to and from Manhattan, and had gotten consensus for funding simply and only for a train ticket to and from Manhattan. Shortly after this, I became hospitalized, went through several events of cardiac arrest, and was generally on life support for some time. Prior to May Day, I came out, much of my body generally useless. I was in a power chair, commonly comparable to that of Steven Hawking. I did have accommodations so that I would be able to type. I requested my train ticket, but it never came, nor was any acknowledgement made that it would ever come. The night before May Day, I received a message from Justine that I would not be making any edits to the website whatsoever, much less doing the live updates as the affinity group had consensed upon earlier. I requested information on the process that had revoked the previous process, and received a repeat of the initial message, paraphrased from the original. I of course raised an angry stink about this in the mailing list, and was banned from the mailing list by Justine without any process. I, unable to go, watched streams and attempted to simply proceed in alignment with process, and my article was deleted, and my account’s ability to edit articles revoked. I challenged them to prove that there was any legitimacy to these actions in the IRC chat rooms. There was no response other than verbal abuse. I was unbanned from the mailing list after May Day was over, and simultaneously myself and any others who dared question the legitimacy of these actions were accused variously of being spies, idiots, feds, cops, and just about anything else. I was banned from this space, and the “affinity group” was chopped down to personal friends of Justine, anyone else’s input deemed irrelevant. This would turn into a pattern, where Justine and friends penetrate a space, use their positions in other spaces to obtain positions in a new space, and then once capable, ban everyone else to concentrate power and seize the space.

A good friend of mine, Laurelai had this happen to her as well. This happened on Reddit, where ThePinkMask spearheaded an attempt to found a unilateral ability of admins to simply ban for unexplained and unquestionable reasons. I was called in to tell my story to this Reddit community, which resulted in a great deal of abuse pointed in my direction, being outed against my will, and again, snitchjacketed to discredit my story. This began a long string of being randomly and illegitimately banned from this space while consensus was laughed at by the various people involved. ThePinkMask had threatened to ban anyone who undid her actions, but I was successfully able to use this claim to demonstrate TPM’s failure to align with Anarchism to others, making actually following through with this politically impossible without the space being defended by another admin.

Later, bored with process and Anarchism, the Affinity Group, which it calls itself as if this is its personal brand name seized control of this Reddit space, removing all other admins and mods and declaring an opaque oligarchy of themselves to exercise control over the space, with input only accepted as “concerns and suggestions” via an email address, which more than likely might as well be a garbage pail. I successfully sparked a revolt against this, resulting in an avalanche of support which successfully drove the conspirators out of the space.

Some months after this, began selling products and sending out bizarre fundraising emails whose purpose were to line Justine’s own pockets. This strange and very capitalist approach which does nothing to make any actual difference was covered in other places. It, run by Justine personally, began circulating blast emails that donating to her personal pocket was somehow “the best way to support the struggle of the 99%”.

More recently, having found the other people on the team of an Occupy-related Twitter account inconvenient, she once again seized a space that belonged to a movement, not to her personally.

Justine is not an anarchist. Justine is not an anti-capitalist. Justine is not anti-authoritarian. Justine does not support the liberation of marginalized voices. Justine is the exact opposite of all of these, and as can be seen from her pattern, her goal is to seize Anarchism as a movement and all its faces and spaces, exploiting them all for her personal personal profit. She seeks to sell Anarchism(c) to us, abusively discrediting all who oppose her or even question her actions. If you allow her any physical power in your spaces, she will abuse it, armtwist others, and use her power in other spaces to seize yours. If you oppose her on Twitter, you will find yourself banned on IRC and on Reddit and mailing lists. The sum of all of this is a slowly spreading State of Justine’s personal dictatorship within Anarchism. I will be fedjacketed, reading this story she will know exactly who I am. I will be dox’d, I will receive threatening text messages from anonymous numbers again. My personal FB will be released to the public, I will be discredited. To smash the State, we must first smash the State within our own movement before it’s too late. Refuse the coup.

A note to trans allies.

If you see trans women arguing or debating about something, hell anything. This is the time for you to stay out of it.

When you pick a side, any side, even if you are “100% sure” you are right, you are leveraging your cis privilege in favor of that person. It does not matter who is right, you do not have the right to wield that kind of power in our community.

Basically sit back and let us argue it out. The fight is within and its up to us to resolve it. Dont get involved.

Trans women come from many different backgrounds and have many many different life experiences so its going to be fairly common we arent going to agree on all things, and hell some of us just might hate one another. Thats going to happen too.

And thats ok. It just means we are all different. And thats ok.

There are trans women who write who i dont like, there are ones that i do.

My opinion or anyone elses shouldn’t inspire you to attack another trans woman or police her actions. Thats not your job. We will handle our own.

Does this mean you cant ever criticize a trans woman? No, it means within debates or fights clearly within the community, your presence is not needed. And if its outside of the community debating you should take care your criticisms are not being guided by your privilege.

Some trans women out there like to weaponize their allies to attack other trans women. The rest of us need to take a stand against this and tell allies that getting involved like that is wrong.  And allies if you see cis people trying to get in the middle of a fight, collect up your people and tell them to knock that shit off.