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My hashtag in retrospect

First of all I am writing this on my personal blog and not queereka because the hashtag  i made (#fuckcispeople)  was not an organized effort of queereka or the skepchick network. It was an organic expression of frustration that took on a life of its own.


This article i feel gives a fairly good breakdown of the event timelines, as well as adding some of the legitimate and non legitimate criticisms of the hashtag, showing the varying reactions across the board.

Lets cover the criticism I felt had the most weight to it.



This one i feel is a legitimate point, it is easier for me as a white person to say that and I do not experience racial discrimination, I have white privilege. I understand as much as i’m able to that people of color have struggles I do not. Dr. Ziegler’s point made me pause and consider if what I had created was silencing people of color, I can’t speak for people of color but if anyone feels like they were silenced by this I deeply apologize and I accept full responsibility. 


Now on to the non legitimate.


Paris Lees, you do not speak for me. You do not speak for any transgender person but yourself. Stop acting like you are an authority over other transgender people especially while you apologize for the righteous anger of the oppressed to our oppressors you whining sniveling traitor. You are one of those brand name trans bloggers I despise with the force of a thousand suns so for the love of god shut the fuck up. Nobody gives a shit about your ass kissing Gay Inc. for scraps at the table. I’m sure you have had your fair share of discrimination and painful life experiences but that does not give you the right to apologize for my anger or the anger of anyone who used that hashtag.  Had you simply said “i choose not to participate but i understand the anger” it would be one thing. But you didn’t.

You said


“It makes me really sad because I can vividly remember a period of my life when I hated the world and would have jumped on a hashtag like this. Being abused in the street can do that to you. This anger is very real and I think that non-trans people need to take this into account before they condemn people using this hashtag, whether they agree with it or not”.


So in other words, your life isn’t bad anymore therefore you can’t fucking see how bad it is for others anymore so you will decry those who suffer. Yeah you see why the only word for this woman is traitor.




What do I even say to this horseshit? You are in the same category as Paris, a whining sniveling traitor who thinks she speaks for others all while ironically making a post saying people who made the tag don’t speak for her, go ahead and read that garbage if you want but.

tl;dr = I don’t like thing therefore all trans people shouldn’t like thing. How dare you think of liking thing.

Keep kissing the kyriarchy’s ass honey i’m sure they will let you have a few table scraps you annoying shit.

A few annoying sycophants repeated their talking points but they aren’t worth covering imho.



This is what Gay Inc. Wants all trans people to be.

There were TERF’s attempting to troll the hashtag but we were pretty effective in drowning them out. Nice try bug but no cigar. You cant silence organic memetic anger like that. Try doxing me harder next time perhaps people might give a shit then 😉



Next up is the reaction from cis people.

This part was pretty hilarious.

Bunch of mad cis folks claiming that I was being too angry, and others were too angry and why didn’t we make a nicer hashtag to spread the same message. Basically a whole shitload of tone policing.

The hashtag #fucktransphobes was attempted by others. It did not go viral. It did not get attention. It went nowhere. You failed. You proved me right by your very actions.


This i think is really good reply to the tone policing.


To further drive the fact that they were totally 100% fucking wrong I decided to put the matter to the test.


Today I used a hashtag called #stoptranserasure


Those are the sum total of all posts containing the hashtag since i used it.

One cis person *still fucking complaining about it*

I made the point very clear in my posts what it was about. It should have gone just as viral had the concern trolls been even close to right.

And for the final nail in the coffin here is this exchange

Now lets go on to the real messages of the tags. The raw stories and pain people shared. This is by no means comprehensive but i think it shows a good sample of the messages shared.



Yeah. This is what that sniveling traitor and Gay Inc. was apologizing for.



Nice doesn’t fucking work.  It is only by direct opposition to the status quo that LGBT rights have gotten where they are today, but most of you dont know that due to the pinkwashing, ciswashing and whitewashing of LGBT history.

Here is a good post from reddit (yes reddit is shit but sometimes you find a diamond) about how radical confrontation of the status quo is what got us where we are today.

(Screenshot because i dont want to give those fucksticks pageviews.)

So as you can see assimilationism does not work, it never has and it never will.


We are trans*,  we are different than the cishets and we should be proud of that. So much LGBT history was sparked by radical trans* people pushing the envelope, stonewall for example was sparked by a trans woman of color and that was a *riot* that created the LGBT movement we have today.


If this is the “nice acceptable approach” , if this is the “Professor X style”  of activism count me the fuck out.

Im fucking trans* magneto.




#MagnetoWasRight #FuckCisPeople.


I’m not advocating violence here, in fact I’m a strict pacifist, but radical expressions of anger not only have their place they are the spearhead of our movement.  We can create radical non violent expressions of rage to accomplish our goals. Like hashtags.

Overall I feel the result was good, a lot of discussions happened and a lot of privileged peoples fragile egos got bruised, and thats a good thing. By pushing the envelope we create a wider range of what is accepted. And we need that since Gay Inc. has been throwing us under a bus since stonewall, they have been stealing our talent, momentum and energy since day fucking one and I for one will not let that pass.






What this site is for

I have reclaimed this domain and am now using it for my benefit.


I am Laurelai.

I am a transgender sex worker.


I am a transgender and sex worker rights activist.


I am a sex positive intersectional feminist.


And I will not be silenced.