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A guest post written about Justine by another comrade who was in the group.

The following is written by the comrade who was in the hospital. It is unedited in any way and the pastebin Can be found here where they wrote it on




To start, I’m going to have to out myself. Otherwise, much of the story of my experiences with the person and group in question will not make much sense. I sacrifice some of my anonymity so that others will not suffer at the hands of these abusive capitalists who try so hard to convince you that they are anarchists. You see, the central figure of this group, one Justine Turney, known in some circles as “jart”, uses the red and black colors as a brand, and the tools of authoritarians to brutally and ham-fistedly suppress any whose eyes open to this fact. So, allow me to introduce myself briefly.

I suffer from tetragametic chimerism, imagine me as being a very well lined up conjoined twin. Two or more separate fertilizations grow in the same lump of cells, resulting in a kind of blend of the various results of those fertilizations through the resulting body. In my case in particular three fertilizations combined to form one body. My chromosome configurations are XX, XX, and XY. This has resulted in some interesting physical results, which are beyond the scope of my story with the capitalist authoritarians in disguise. The more applicable and relevant result is the fact the human body is an expanding fractal, physical variations between any two people being determined by a combination of variations in this fractal, and environmental factors, which different people respond differently to. With three separate populations, one of which does not expand along the same fractal type as the other two, things don’t line up perfectly. Multicolored irises are one result, but each ring, despite being in the same “weave”, is a different width and displays in layers. My arteries and veins have formed strangely, but function mostly. Primary and secondary sexual characteristics are in collision with each other, though again, the details of this I keep to myself. The relevant part is that with strangely aligned parts, and different populations responding to environmental factors differently, sometimes things go very wrong very quickly. The human heart, similar to a car’s engine must be timed right to beat properly. When it doesn’t beat properly, it starts complaining, sending signals to the brain stem that something is wrong, which manifests consciously as malaise, your body’s equivalent to the check engine light, itself a nonspecific “something’s wrong” indicator. This can become a feedback loop, where such signals further disrupt beat, and further disrupted beating results in more signals. It is sometimes the case where I have to get hooked up on tubes and machines to keep alive until everything settles back down.

I have leaned anarcho-syndicalist since midway through highschool, Communist through middle school, the realization of how silly the idea of a transitional State is, due to a State’s inherent self-interest in preservation. I had been excited for Occupy Wall Street, seeing an opportunity to bring the Arab Spring revolts home, and begin the process of destruction of the State, paving the way for the destruction of classed society. Horrified by the NYPD’s brutal repression of peaceful demonstrators, I came on September 27th and marched with, lending one more body to a larger crowd, hoping numbers would help avert NYPD aggression and State force. I was thrown to the ground at 12th and University, my phone stolen by a police officer, and thrown into a van for several hours. We were left in the sun, without water, hands ziptied behind our backs, hands blue, then a dark purple for hours. We had been charged with no crime, were denied any contact with the outside. Justine and friends had actually written about us, in an article about the van left in front of 1 Police Plaza for unhealthy amounts of time. We attempted to call 911 to report the medical issues, the blood and pepper spray washing over our faces, the dehydration, and were hung up on, later reprimanded by a cop. Far from discouraging me from participating further, this event as far as I was concerned solidified my beliefs. For a bit of background, I come from an upper middle class family, and had little contact with working class people directly. There had been some doubt in my mind, was I just a rebellious teenager who had simply never grown out of such silly beliefs? Getting locked and left to potentially die in the back of an NYPD van having been charged with no crime with media I had collected of police beatings stolen from me solidified this.

Do not believe I intend the above to brag. You see, I understand fully that many people on the Internet will discard firsthand accounts of events which show one person or group, or another in a negative light in their entirety as being without context or missing pieces of the story. The above is included simply to lay all the cards I can without outing others or “snitching” on anyone publicly down on the table. I began writing, and eventually gained a spot on the writing team through my fury at the State. Details will be sparse on the next parts, simply for the safety and security of uninvolved third parties.

We met in an IRC chat room, where process was theoretically engaged in, and decisions made regarding our path. Three people in particular, Justine (as jart), Sadie (as an unknown person never actually in chat who only really spoke with Justine), and ThePinkMask would rarely, if ever speak in chat, despite being major editors. They would simply post whatever they liked, but generally left the rest of us alone. It wasn’t a huge deal until suddenly an article I had written was simply being deleted repeatedly. We had reached consensus in chat to publish it, and had raised the issue several times over several days. I messaged a warning to the account (later revealed to be Sadie’s) that kept deleting the article that they were acting against consensus and that I would bring revocation of their ability to delete articles up for consensus if they persisted. This person responded that there was no consensus, and that consensus had been reached for deletion. Upon argument and investigation, during which my account on the website was disabled several times simply for questioning what was going on, it was later revealed that Justine had the mistaken idea that she had dictatorial power, but out of the goodness of her heart allowed consensus process to take place, but only in her physical personal apartment, a place where personal friends of hers had access to, and others had no idea even the geographic location of, with no concern given for global editors or affinity group members who either couldn’t, or wouldn’t physically travels to someone else’s apartment and reveal their face or identity in the context of a global team of editors. Except Sadie. Sadie gets a special exemption. Apparently Justine had decided to bring down the harmer physically in her apartment, and when challenged on this, deleted my account. Other editors rose to my defense, and with a problem against her power brewing within the affinity group, Justine agreed to concessions, where we attempted to use a mailing list for consensus.

Unsurprisingly, this later went out the window. Justine later revealed a plan of hers to divert donated funds, which had been donated to the occupation, once the occupation ended to herself and the editors. I approached the mailing list for consensus to cover the May Day activities, and obtained it overwhelmingly. I had run out of personal funds to travel to and from Manhattan, and had gotten consensus for funding simply and only for a train ticket to and from Manhattan. Shortly after this, I became hospitalized, went through several events of cardiac arrest, and was generally on life support for some time. Prior to May Day, I came out, much of my body generally useless. I was in a power chair, commonly comparable to that of Steven Hawking. I did have accommodations so that I would be able to type. I requested my train ticket, but it never came, nor was any acknowledgement made that it would ever come. The night before May Day, I received a message from Justine that I would not be making any edits to the website whatsoever, much less doing the live updates as the affinity group had consensed upon earlier. I requested information on the process that had revoked the previous process, and received a repeat of the initial message, paraphrased from the original. I of course raised an angry stink about this in the mailing list, and was banned from the mailing list by Justine without any process. I, unable to go, watched streams and attempted to simply proceed in alignment with process, and my article was deleted, and my account’s ability to edit articles revoked. I challenged them to prove that there was any legitimacy to these actions in the IRC chat rooms. There was no response other than verbal abuse. I was unbanned from the mailing list after May Day was over, and simultaneously myself and any others who dared question the legitimacy of these actions were accused variously of being spies, idiots, feds, cops, and just about anything else. I was banned from this space, and the “affinity group” was chopped down to personal friends of Justine, anyone else’s input deemed irrelevant. This would turn into a pattern, where Justine and friends penetrate a space, use their positions in other spaces to obtain positions in a new space, and then once capable, ban everyone else to concentrate power and seize the space.

A good friend of mine, Laurelai had this happen to her as well. This happened on Reddit, where ThePinkMask spearheaded an attempt to found a unilateral ability of admins to simply ban for unexplained and unquestionable reasons. I was called in to tell my story to this Reddit community, which resulted in a great deal of abuse pointed in my direction, being outed against my will, and again, snitchjacketed to discredit my story. This began a long string of being randomly and illegitimately banned from this space while consensus was laughed at by the various people involved. ThePinkMask had threatened to ban anyone who undid her actions, but I was successfully able to use this claim to demonstrate TPM’s failure to align with Anarchism to others, making actually following through with this politically impossible without the space being defended by another admin.

Later, bored with process and Anarchism, the Affinity Group, which it calls itself as if this is its personal brand name seized control of this Reddit space, removing all other admins and mods and declaring an opaque oligarchy of themselves to exercise control over the space, with input only accepted as “concerns and suggestions” via an email address, which more than likely might as well be a garbage pail. I successfully sparked a revolt against this, resulting in an avalanche of support which successfully drove the conspirators out of the space.

Some months after this, began selling products and sending out bizarre fundraising emails whose purpose were to line Justine’s own pockets. This strange and very capitalist approach which does nothing to make any actual difference was covered in other places. It, run by Justine personally, began circulating blast emails that donating to her personal pocket was somehow “the best way to support the struggle of the 99%”.

More recently, having found the other people on the team of an Occupy-related Twitter account inconvenient, she once again seized a space that belonged to a movement, not to her personally.

Justine is not an anarchist. Justine is not an anti-capitalist. Justine is not anti-authoritarian. Justine does not support the liberation of marginalized voices. Justine is the exact opposite of all of these, and as can be seen from her pattern, her goal is to seize Anarchism as a movement and all its faces and spaces, exploiting them all for her personal personal profit. She seeks to sell Anarchism(c) to us, abusively discrediting all who oppose her or even question her actions. If you allow her any physical power in your spaces, she will abuse it, armtwist others, and use her power in other spaces to seize yours. If you oppose her on Twitter, you will find yourself banned on IRC and on Reddit and mailing lists. The sum of all of this is a slowly spreading State of Justine’s personal dictatorship within Anarchism. I will be fedjacketed, reading this story she will know exactly who I am. I will be dox’d, I will receive threatening text messages from anonymous numbers again. My personal FB will be released to the public, I will be discredited. To smash the State, we must first smash the State within our own movement before it’s too late. Refuse the coup.

A note to trans allies.

If you see trans women arguing or debating about something, hell anything. This is the time for you to stay out of it.

When you pick a side, any side, even if you are “100% sure” you are right, you are leveraging your cis privilege in favor of that person. It does not matter who is right, you do not have the right to wield that kind of power in our community.

Basically sit back and let us argue it out. The fight is within and its up to us to resolve it. Dont get involved.

Trans women come from many different backgrounds and have many many different life experiences so its going to be fairly common we arent going to agree on all things, and hell some of us just might hate one another. Thats going to happen too.

And thats ok. It just means we are all different. And thats ok.

There are trans women who write who i dont like, there are ones that i do.

My opinion or anyone elses shouldn’t inspire you to attack another trans woman or police her actions. Thats not your job. We will handle our own.

Does this mean you cant ever criticize a trans woman? No, it means within debates or fights clearly within the community, your presence is not needed. And if its outside of the community debating you should take care your criticisms are not being guided by your privilege.

Some trans women out there like to weaponize their allies to attack other trans women. The rest of us need to take a stand against this and tell allies that getting involved like that is wrong.  And allies if you see cis people trying to get in the middle of a fight, collect up your people and tell them to knock that shit off.




Justine and Occupy (or why snitch jacketing is bad)

This is written entirely from my perspective and my memories, other people may have other experiences with Justine and this is not meant to speak for anyone’s experiences but mine.


There was a group who helped run one of the more popular occupy websites and the twitter account thats become well known to OWS.

This group was a group of friends and anarchists a lot of them trans that joined the call to arms and setup the web presences that became associated with the movement.

Justine was *one* of these people and the owner of the domain.

What she did was one by one she eliminated people from this group by snitch jacketing them.

Anyone who disagreed with Justine wound up getting kicked out of this group, no kind of process or consensus was ever followed and anyone who ever tried to call her out on this was removed also.

Im not even close to the only person she did this to either.

She also once snitch jacketed another comrade who *had been in the hospital and had almost died* when they finally recovered and came back to the group. This person had piles of medical records  proving what happened. Justine decided that because this person had disagreed with her, that they had to be a fed, despite them just struggling to survive.

After that she tried snitch jacketing a third comrade from Canada. Thats right, she accused a Canadian citizen of being an FBI agent, let the absurdity of that sink in for 5 minutes.


After this i lost contact with a lot of the group (intentionally).


But from what i heard every now and then id find out she did this to yet another person.


And now we have today. Where she just decided to dispose of everyone no longer useful to her. It seems fairly obvious to me that this was her plan the whole time. Why else would she insist that everyone obey her without question and punish those who didnt?

Justine did all of this for her own personal gain, from day one.

People tried to stop her and they were silenced.

People tried to question her and *they* were silenced.

And she has been manipulating from day one. And a lot of people have been saying so.

She screwed over almost every trans woman involved in that group in the process. You dont even have to like me, Those other trans women are a hell of a lot nicer than i am…

One final thing. The comrade that was in the hospital? They will be writing something up tomorrow, and ill see if i can get in touch with the one from Canada.


Open source biology project for crossbreeding hot peppers

Ok folks. Im doing a fundraiser to help start up a business, primarily the end goal will be to make amazing ass hotsauce, but in the process id like to also develop hot pepper breeds as well as documenting the processes ive used and sharing the knowledge with the public, the methods and results will be available to anyone who wants it.That means i will have to have things like grow lights, cloning chemicals, lab equipment, soil, fertilizers and other equipment to use as a plant lab.

Before i decided to give bottles of hot sauce to donators, but i realized this wasnt a good enough incentive. So donators will get a bottle of the super hot sauce, as well as a live clone of the pepper plants i wind up creating. One of my goals is to beat the record for worlds hottest pepper. Id also like to create many new varieties of hot peppers that i will file for patents for and licence them under the General Public License for Plant Germplasm. That makes them free to use for educational, nonprofit and general public use and protects them from being used for profit without my permission. This will increase the biodiversity and availability of the genus Capsicum.

Copyleft licencing of plants I believe will help curb corporate monopolies on plant breeds.

Donators interested in helping start this project can donate to via paypal.


I will also be working closely with @metalmujer on twitter on this project. She has a lot of expertise in this area and can make sure i dont accidentally breed some walking plants or anything like that :p

She will be fabricating the grow lights and some other materials  involved in the project so a lot of the money will got to material costs, her fabrication processes are far cheaper that purchasing ready made equipment and her methods are more environmentally sustainable, as well as the end products being of higher quality. The designs and methods will be also available under an open source licence, free to the public.