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Trump And Structures Of Power.

One of the things many people seem to misunderstand is that Trump’s failure to fill positions is not a mistake on his part. Its a deliberate action meant to concentrate more power to himself directly.

He is eliminating people who are not absolutely needed to keep his key supporters happy. As he carves that number down more and more he will begin to exhibit more and more authoritarian behavior. Combined with his recent comments about the constitution and a prediction of Trump wanting to enact a full coup within a year  its pretty clear Trump has an authoritarian agenda and is behaving as an autocrat.

You can clearly read his agenda from his behavior. Its not the flailing of an incompetent madman, but the deliberate culling of useless people from his circle of power.

These are the precursor activities to a dictatorship.

The people need to be able to stop him, and as i’ve said before the way to do that would be via mass public organized resistance via shutting down major highways and stopping the transportation of all goods across the nation.

Only by stopping the flow of money to the system can it be brought to heel. But we don’t have much more time to do it, it has to be done while we still have the civil liberties to do so, and soon we may not have them.  If you want to save democracy, that’s how you do it.

Some of the courts are blocking some of his measures, but other courts are supporting them. He will have plenty of time to find ways around the courts that rule against him. Its only a matter of time before he has a strong hold on the supreme court for example.

This fascist must be removed from office before that happens or it wont matter what we do after that trump will be able to take power for life.

Hes putting family in key positions, eliminating positions that arent absolutely required, ignoring regular traditions and pushing for an ethno-nationalist state. This blatant cronyism and profiteering is also seen in authoritarian regimes.

He praises other dictators as well as sides with them diplomatically.

America, we have a problem. We have actually had a problem for a long long time but a good portion of the population was completely clueless as to the nature of the threat brewing under their noses.

Fascism and white nationalism took to the internet and found sites like 4chan, 8chan, reddit and the like and spread their ideology using the sites reputations for allowing anything in the name of free speech. This allowed them to create a digital recruitment platform and swell their numbers using the sites lax moderation and gameable systems to spread their ideas.

This created an organized front of white nationalist propaganda and recruiting. Unlike hidden tor sites that are often difficult for the average person to get ahold of, reddit for example hails itself as “the front page of the internet” or something to that effect. It was websites that were easily accessible, popular, and full of human beings unaware of the fact they were participating in a gamed system.

We must somehow break the cycle of recruitment and organization of the new nazi threat.

We must also, via mass public organized resistance shut down all transportation to stop the flow of money in the country so that the government meets our demands.

Somehow, or we are all gonna have a bad time for a long time.