A note to trans allies.

If you see trans women arguing or debating about something, hell anything. This is the time for you to stay out of it.

When you pick a side, any side, even if you are “100% sure” you are right, you are leveraging your cis privilege in favor of that person. It does not matter who is right, you do not have the right to wield that kind of power in our community.

Basically sit back and let us argue it out. The fight is within and its up to us to resolve it. Dont get involved.

Trans women come from many different backgrounds and have many many different life experiences so its going to be fairly common we arent going to agree on all things, and hell some of us just might hate one another. Thats going to happen too.

And thats ok. It just means we are all different. And thats ok.

There are trans women who write who i dont like, there are ones that i do.

My opinion or anyone elses shouldn’t inspire you to attack another trans woman or police her actions. Thats not your job. We will handle our own.

Does this mean you cant ever criticize a trans woman? No, it means within debates or fights clearly within the community, your presence is not needed. And if its outside of the community debating you should take care your criticisms are not being guided by your privilege.

Some trans women out there like to weaponize their allies to attack other trans women. The rest of us need to take a stand against this and tell allies that getting involved like that is wrong.  And allies if you see cis people trying to get in the middle of a fight, collect up your people and tell them to knock that shit off.




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