Call to protest Caleb Hannan

I am putting out a call to action for a nonviolent protests in response to the suicide of a trans woman brought about by the bullying Caleb Hannan engaged in with his article outing her as transgender. I would like this protest to take place at his home, time yet to be determined. His address is below.


1076 Jackson St Denver, CO

In accordance with the federal appeals court ruling stating bloggers have the same first amendment rights as journalists i am exposing a danger to the transgender community to the public.

He is a public figure whos actions may have lead to the death of a transgender woman, this is leveraging institutional power against the oppressed, this is unacceptable, and we have the right to have our voices heard.



UPDATE: It appears Caleb Hannan has been previously sued for defamation and invasion of privacy, and false light, unknown if this has gone to court or what the verdict is, but this does seem to indicate a pattern of unethical behavior.

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