Commander X , My Friend, My Compatriot

Commander X made the announcement that he was disbanding the PLF  and leaving activism and anonymity behind him.  When he made this announcement on twitter I was shocked, and a bit worried. But reading the indybay article I realized that while Commander X is invincible, Chris Doyon was human just like the rest of us. I know all too well the pressures of being “invincible” and the psychological and physical toll it can take.


Chris has paid a heavy price for being a man of conscience and a man of integrity, he can no longer return to his country, or see his family or friends. Some of you might want to debate me on the character of this man and to you I say this.


I have never met anyone besides Chris who acted as a leader and was still able to hold himself to the same rules as everyone else under him. I once even saw him ban himself from his own twitter account because he broke a rule he created.

He is what I looked up to in Anonymous, the ideal made flesh. In my opinion if more Anons…no if more human beings were like Chris the world would be a better place.

Chris is one of the most kind and understanding cisgendered people I have met, a person who has compassion for all living things, animal and human. To him all suffering matters. He understands oppression and bigotry  and he always did what he could to fight it. He would always stick up for me when others in our mutual circles would call me slurs or attempt to dehumanize me.

I actually cried when i wrote that last paragraph.

It’s entirely unfair for him to be branded as a criminal , a man whose empathy drove him to sacrifice everything in his life to make the world a better place. If exceeding the minimum standards of decent human being makes you an outlaw and an outcast I do not want to be accepted by that society, I would take pride in being reviled by it. And I often do. As did he.

I first met him through Ryan Ackroyd (AKA kayla) and we worked on op tunisia together, he and Ryan were instrumental in sparking and assisting the peaceful revolution in tunisia ( i can’t get into details so take me at my word please) and I was proud to have been a part of that. Chris helped liberate an entire nation from oppression, and while tunisia of course still has its own problems now they have a path forward to solve them.

We became fast friends and stayed in contact through various communication channels, mostly to keep in touch or to find out how his day was going.  I learned a lot from him, while our conversations were not often verbose, they are heavy with meaning and impact.

He may have given up activism (for very understandable reasons) but to me Commander X will never die, Commander X is an idea now, a meme. A symbol with power and meaning, something that will live beyond Chris and echo into history. As Jake Davis once said, you cannot arrest an idea, and to expand on that, you cannot kill an idea either. Commander X is a symbol of hope and compassion to me and one of strength and determination.


If you ever wonder what inspires me to push forward with my activism through all the hell and all the shit day after day, it was Chris, under the banner of Commander X.

Chris has decided to go back into robotics and is recreating the Machine Life & Artificial Intelligence Foundation, I highly recommend we follow his new account @M0RPHE0US and support his efforts as he once supported ours. Please though, if you do this respect his wishes, no politics or activism. I have followed his account and I will respect his desires. I will be happy to be there for him in this.  Show him you are his true friend and support his new mission. 

Though the man behind the mask has moved on to new projects and new chapters of life, he is my friend and I will be there for him.

So, goodbye Commander X.


Hello Chris Doyon, my friend.


With all the love I can bear to hold.


Laurelai Bailey.


2 thoughts on “Commander X , My Friend, My Compatriot

  1. Commander X

    There are no words to describe what I am feeling right now. And no reply I can possibly make to an article like this that can do it justice.

    This decision has been the hardest one I have ever made in my half-century on this planet. There has not been a single moment in the past few days since I released my statement that I have not been filled with doubts and regrets. I always thought that I would be able to fight this epic war to my last breath. But the sheer exhaustion, and the physical pain caused by various ailments from which I suffer – coupled with the stress of maintaining the “Commander X” persona and it’s accompanying responsibilities had brought me to the very edge of death and insanity. While I have always from the beginning been willing to accept martyrdom in the cause of justice and freedom, I am not willing to waste away in pain and anguish. Or more accurately, I am incapable of doing so.

    As Laurelai Bailey indicated, I met her during the dawn of the Freedom Ops. Back then, those taking the lead in creating the very concept of the Anonymous Freedom Ops were a tight knit group – and many life-long friendships were formed in the crucible of those incredible actions to liberate whole nations from the tyranny of dictatorship. Barrett Brown, Topiary, N0, Laurelai, myself – and a handful of other Anons had the audacity to believe that we could harness Anonymous and use nothing but information to defeat the enemies of freedom and liberate entire nations. And we succeeded. And in that success I firmly believe that that handful of activists began the great Transnational Global Cyber Insurgency that has become the great hope of freedom for billions around the world, and perhaps the last hope of our dying planet and civilization. It was my greatest honor to have been a part of that moment in history, and an even greater privilege to have worked with such a wonderful, brilliant – and courageous group of people.

    Laurelai and I indeed did become fast friends. She is everything that a true activist and freedom fighter should be. But she is also a brilliant, compassionate – and very tender soul. I came to cherish that friendship very passionately. She was my rock to lean on when I felt the crushing weight of the “Commander X” persona – always there to prop me up, strengthen me – and gently shove me back into battle. She was one of the only human beings I felt safe to be vulnerable with, and she was always tender and reliable with that trust.

    Laurelai also taught me more than any other about the truly amazing challenges facing trans-gendered people in this horrible world of prejudice and hate. I have never ever been in the least prejudice of LGBT people, and many of my dearest friends are gay. But being a backwoods boy from Maine, I really had no idea what a transgendered person even was until I met Laurelai. I have always believed that all humans are beautiful, wonderful – no matter their sexuality or lifestyle. But Laurelai taught me the PARTICULAR beauty and wonderfulness of the trans-gendered and I shall always be forever grateful for that gift of understanding.

    I am delighted beyond words that Laurelai can accept my decision, and remain one of my truest and dearest friends within the necessary boundaries that I feel I must set for the sake of my health. I am not quite prepared to die yet, and it is amazing to know that Laurelai has chosen to remain a part of my life on the terms that must be set to lengthen that life. In fact, it is the greatest relief I have felt since I quit activism to read her words.

    WITH ALL MY HEART — Commander X


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