It Ain’t Treason, It’s Business. Or, Its All About the Oil Prices.

One of the pressing questions people have is about why Vladimir Putin would seek to interfere in the US’s presidential election, many people have attempted to answer this but have failed to see the cold reality in front of them. Here i will lay it bare and naked for you to see.


The first fact we have to look at is former President Obama’s actions against ISIS and Russia before the election.

The US tapped its strategic oil reserves and lowered the price of oil to affect the economies and stability of ISIS, Iran and Russia. These nations rely on high oil prices to fund their governments and their (in the case of ISIS) terrorist activities.

Russia’s economy relies heavily on oil.

Russia’s economy is also why they are an autocratic nation, wealth production is disconnected from citizen involvement, this causes a structural reinforcement for autocratic governments.

Donald Trump is very very very pro fossil fuels. Obama was pushing green energy, not just for the sake of our environment but as a shrewd political tool to cut the flow of funds to ISIS, Iran and Russia and forcing them in the long run to disband (in the case of ISIS) or democratize in the case of nation states.

This strategy was a threat to Putin’s long term power, and that is why he influenced our elections. So he could put a man in who would kill green energy, and drive up oil prices and ensuring Putin’s rule lasts even longer. HRC was likely to continue this Obama Legacy as was Sanders.

Its really all about Oil prices on the global market and international realpolitik. As much as i can criticize Obama for his foreign policy mistakes, this action was actually promoting global good. Reducing and eliminating our reliance on fossil fuels will destabilize autocratic nations all across the world, forcing them to democratize or face financial collapse and eventual revolution.

But now that Trump is in office his policies will make sure autocrats all around the world stay in business for much much longer. This isnt just about making Trump rich, its about fueling (literally) dictatorships and terrorists across the globe.

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2 thoughts on “It Ain’t Treason, It’s Business. Or, Its All About the Oil Prices.

  1. Paul Boizot

    I am currently reading Ben Judah’s book “Fragile Empire – How Russia Fell In And Out Of Love With Vladimir Putin”. Written in late 2012, so before the Ukraine/Crimea crisis, but very good on Putin’s rise and the nature of the regime if you want the detail. It does indeed highlight the regime’s dependence on energy exports. Interesting also, is that the regime in the early 2000’s effectively took over TV, which had a big audience; left some free space for the press, which was read by a small number of the mainly urban intelligentsia – so there was some debate, or the illusion of freedom – but did not take the Chinese route of censoring the internet. Net usage was tiny at the time, but then expanded very rapidly. So despite the downside of the current troll operations, there has also been some freedom of action for folk on the internet.


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