Justine and Occupy (or why snitch jacketing is bad)

This is written entirely from my perspective and my memories, other people may have other experiences with Justine and this is not meant to speak for anyone’s experiences but mine.


There was a group who helped run one of the more popular occupy websites and the twitter account thats become well known to OWS.

This group was a group of friends and anarchists a lot of them trans that joined the call to arms and setup the web presences that became associated with the movement.

Justine was *one* of these people and the owner of the occupywallst.org domain.

What she did was one by one she eliminated people from this group by snitch jacketing them.

Anyone who disagreed with Justine wound up getting kicked out of this group, no kind of process or consensus was ever followed and anyone who ever tried to call her out on this was removed also.

Im not even close to the only person she did this to either.

She also once snitch jacketed another comrade who *had been in the hospital and had almost died* when they finally recovered and came back to the group. This person had piles of medical records  proving what happened. Justine decided that because this person had disagreed with her, that they had to be a fed, despite them just struggling to survive.

After that she tried snitch jacketing a third comrade from Canada. Thats right, she accused a Canadian citizen of being an FBI agent, let the absurdity of that sink in for 5 minutes.


After this i lost contact with a lot of the group (intentionally).


But from what i heard every now and then id find out she did this to yet another person.


And now we have today. Where she just decided to dispose of everyone no longer useful to her. It seems fairly obvious to me that this was her plan the whole time. Why else would she insist that everyone obey her without question and punish those who didnt?

Justine did all of this for her own personal gain, from day one.

People tried to stop her and they were silenced.

People tried to question her and *they* were silenced.

And she has been manipulating from day one. And a lot of people have been saying so.

She screwed over almost every trans woman involved in that group in the process. You dont even have to like me, Those other trans women are a hell of a lot nicer than i am…

One final thing. The comrade that was in the hospital? They will be writing something up tomorrow, and ill see if i can get in touch with the one from Canada.


One thought on “Justine and Occupy (or why snitch jacketing is bad)

  1. Obi_Live

    Thanks. Has happened a few times with @OccupyLondon , with effective supporters & the Finance team.

    I did end up getting mildly paranoid and started thinking that those disrupting the camp were infiltrators and working for the CityofLondon Corporation or now Stratfor, to sideline the Radicals.

    The Radicals do tend to be those too bloody minded to give up…:)


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