Open source biology project for crossbreeding hot peppers

Ok folks. Im doing a fundraiser to help start up a business, primarily the end goal will be to make amazing ass hotsauce, but in the process id like to also develop hot pepper breeds as well as documenting the processes ive used and sharing the knowledge with the public, the methods and results will be available to anyone who wants it.That means i will have to have things like grow lights, cloning chemicals, lab equipment, soil, fertilizers and other equipment to use as a plant lab.

Before i decided to give bottles of hot sauce to donators, but i realized this wasnt a good enough incentive. So donators will get a bottle of the super hot sauce, as well as a live clone of the pepper plants i wind up creating. One of my goals is to beat the record for worlds hottest pepper. Id also like to create many new varieties of hot peppers that i will file for patents for and licence them under the General Public License for Plant Germplasm. That makes them free to use for educational, nonprofit and general public use and protects them from being used for profit without my permission. This will increase the biodiversity and availability of the genus Capsicum.

Copyleft licencing of plants I believe will help curb corporate monopolies on plant breeds.

Donators interested in helping start this project can donate to via paypal.


I will also be working closely with @metalmujer on twitter on this project. She has a lot of expertise in this area and can make sure i dont accidentally breed some walking plants or anything like that :p

She will be fabricating the grow lights and some other materials  involved in the project so a lot of the money will got to material costs, her fabrication processes are far cheaper that purchasing ready made equipment and her methods are more environmentally sustainable, as well as the end products being of higher quality. The designs and methods will be also available under an open source licence, free to the public.

7 thoughts on “Open source biology project for crossbreeding hot peppers

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  2. Brielle Harrison

    It would be nice to see some of the peppers you’re growing and/or lab space or anything else you’ve got setup. If you feel comfortable sharing, of course.

  3. Essie M. Coons

    What amount of donation are you asking for a bottle of sauce and a cloned plant? And if I get addicted to the sauce, will you be selling more? Thanks forward and Cheers!

    1. Laurelai Post author

      Well yes ill try to sell the sauce of course, and it depends on what plant you want cloned with the understanding that crossbreeding takes time and i will post regular updates when each plant is bread and with what and what the results are. Right now we are in the first generation so nothing has been bred yet, but if you want clones of these i can do that once they get large enough.

  4. Stevers

    I’d like to donate, could you get in contact with me? I’ve grown a few hydro and aeroponic ghost peppers and moruga scorpions but never got to breed them. Have a few questions about the setup.


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