Trump’s Fascist Medical Agenda Defeated

Following a collapse in support for the GOP’s Obamacare repeal   Paul Ryan pulled the bill that would have repealed it. In my view this shows that confronting your representatives in the way people have been doing is effective in forcing them to vote the way you wish. Or not vote as the case may be.

Trump and the legislative branch under republican control could not get done the one thing they all wanted to get done and campaigned on doing. This critical failure to execute political will sets the tone for future endeavors. It demonstrates that the republican party can be set against itself and cause agendas to fail.

This failure also keeps alive people who voted for him and would have been harmed by this bill, i bet you real money they don’t vote that way again. The republican party will be in disarray right now. This is a good time to press representatives even harder for expansion of the social safety net. They won’t want to do it, but its possible to make them because right now they are going to be disorganized.

Take advantage of their lack of direction and give them the direction you want. You have to sometimes vocally remind them that they work for you. Forcing their hand on social safety net issues will prevent them from destroying entire segments of the population. Do not forget, the goal of fascism is always genocide.

Stop them in this and you can stop them in other ways too. This event itself opens more avenues of resistance. As the bill dies remember the power you were able to draw together. Remember mass resistance works and can force the hands of the people in power.

Keep calling and writing and confronting your representatives. Keep forcing them to do what you want. Keep forcing them to not do what you don’t want either. When the 2018 election comes around, run for or support candidates who are progressive, that challenge collaborator representatives and senators, oust Trump cronies and politicians who helped Trump in any way.

Sweep the Senate and House and you can block Trump forever. Better yet you will have the numbers to start going after him for those emoluments clause violations…Remember though that once you get new people elected you still have to stay on their asses. This is a democracy so participate! Push them to do more progressive things that benefit everyone. Politicians will do what you want, as long as you make sure they follow through that is…

So in conclusion if you push the current group into not doing evil things, and replace them with people who you can push to do good things you can regain some measure of control of the system.

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